Changing the energy

I’m about to move out of an apartment complex that I suspect is haunted. Not in a scary ghost kind of way. It’s more like the kind of place where people get stuck in the worst versions of themselves. People move in happy, then end up fighting and breaking up. Tenants start out as model dog owners, then eventually stop walking them, leave them on their balconies, or inside, all the time, so that they have to go to the bathroom on the carpet. (Poor Dwayne.) I’m pretty sure the girl who lives below me is possessed, judging by the screams I hear coming from downstairs. The people two doors down are in some line of drug selling or production. The one thing I can’t figure out: what’s in the paper bag hanging from the rod behind the curtain, so that it’s visible to people walking by but not to the people inside?

I tried to overcome these bad apartment complex vibes. I rearranged furniture, had the carpets cleaned. I started cooking. I scoop the litter boxes regularly and go to full moon gong savasanas. But, when I finally found a house to rent, I jumped.


Now I am packing, and trying to get rid of things I’ve been hanging onto out of guilt. I’m realizing that pretty much every part of my apartment makes me feel bad: my bathroom, my kitchen, my living room, and most of all, my desk. Nothing here is right, or has been for a long time, and I know that has everything to do with me and my approach.

This will be my project: to transform my living space and the way I interact with it. Maybe my next address will instead have some creepy ghosts! After living in this place, I don’t think I’d mind.


~ by Clickity Clack on November 6, 2013.

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