Friday: Marketing a book, continued

Next I tried making a Facebook page. I have 76 likes! I paid for 20 of those. A dollar a like is what it seems to be. I chose to advertise the page in the US, Japan, and the UK, but it looks like I am also reaching some people in the Middle East. Does the fact that they like my page mean they would read or buy my book? I don’t think so. 





~ by Clickity Clack on September 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “Friday: Marketing a book, continued”

  1. No….I wouldn’t advise you buying likes. FB ads are ok, but best to use as minimally as possible. I see you have a link to the FB page here, but it would be better to add the button on the side bar of your menu so that its visible once someone clicks on your blog. As as add to your email signature, business card, and basically everything you’re writing.

  2. I could use your novel in my lit class! Nice photo, Annie!

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