Sunday: The Saddest Lines of Dialogue a Cat Has Ever Had

Has anyone seen The Future? It’s mostly about a hipster couple and their troubled relationship. But, every now and then, Pawpaw’s paws come on the screen, and he says a few things.


Pawpaw’s voice has been running through my head for the past week. Miranda July has forever altered me. I don’t think I can move on until I type out his dialogue from the film.

Here it is.

“Have you ever been outside? I mean not temporarily. I mean born outside, never been inside. Never been petted, not even once? Yes? Then you know about the darkness that is not appropriate to talk about.”

“I had a bloody paw when they found me and carried me in a towel to the cagetorium. It was not cool there. But they said, ‘We’ll come back for you Pawpaw.’ Pawpaw. That’s what they called me. And they called each other Sophie and Jason.”

“They came back. And they petted me. And I accidentally made the sound that means, ‘I am cat which is belonging to you.’ And upon making the sound, I felt it to be true. It was a warm type of feeling that would have been unwise to have outside. At night. But it suddenly seemed that I would not be outside at night ever again.”

“How long is 30 days? It was turning out to be a little bit longer, than say, for example, the day after tomorrow. Outside, there was no time, no hours. Just alive, or not alive, or, bird. Now there was this new thing. Waiting. Waiting for them to come get me. Waiting for my real life to begin. I learned to count the seconds. Now. Now. Now.”

“Dear Persons, I am writing this to you a letter with no pencil so I hope that you’re able to read it. By day, I know I am yours. But when night comes, I am alone. And always have been, and always will be, wild. So it is only the sun that returns the wonderful feeling of being petteded. Please come soon. Nights are getting longer. Yours, Pawpaw.”

“Everything would be perfect there. Like a dream, but not a dream, because I would never wake up. And soon I would not even be able to remember my old life.”

“In the moment before it happened, I kept thinking, ‘But I’m theirs. I belong to them.’ And then It happened. I died. Really. But even dead, I stayed in my cage. Because I just couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t done waiting for them. Just let me wait forever, knowing they will one day come.”

“After a long time, a long long time, I gave up. Not waiting anymore. As it turns out, living is just the beginning. And so the beginning is over. I’m cat of nobody. I’m not even cat. I’m not even I. It’s warm. It’s light. It goes on and on and on.”


~ by Clickity Clack on July 8, 2012.

One Response to “Sunday: The Saddest Lines of Dialogue a Cat Has Ever Had”

  1. Very moving. A voice not often heard or properly considered. The WSJ has an article today regarding children being healthier in families with pets. Their logic is earlier exposure to some forms of bacteria but my guess is there is also something to do with the positive feedback pets can provide to people.

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