Wednesday: Analyzing Rejection

What is rejection?

My dictionary has some thoughts.

reject: dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate or not to one’s taste

Dismiss? order or allow to leave; send away

Inadequate? lacking quality or quantity required; insufficient

My book, then, has been sent away due to its insufficiencies. These insufficiencies are, of course, perceived by a subjective rejecter. But no matter how I spin it, rejection always feels personal. I spend the majority of my time writing and if my work continues to be rejected, my thinking goes, perhaps I am a bad writer. Maybe I should stop.

An examination of this reasoning reveals an interesting component to my writerly self. Do I have to be good at something in order to keep doing it? Am I writing only to find assurance of my intelligence and creativity?

If that is in fact my purpose, I think it needs to be rethought. I will continue to ponder.


~ by Clickity Clack on September 28, 2011.

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