Tuesday: Rejection #273

The agent who had my first 100 pages said no.  It’s hard to deal with rejection on a regular basis.  No wonder writers are so weird.

I can’t yet say whether or not this process has made me stronger as a person (I’ve definitely had my requisite writerly fits of self loathing.)  But, it has definitely made my novel stronger.  I’ve edited my chapters, refocused my themes, and tightened up my beginning, so that now I feel a sense of confidence now when I send off a query.

So, the rejection has turned out to be an important part of the process.  I wouldn’t quite say that I’m grateful for it, but I’m starting to understand.


~ by Clickity Clack on May 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tuesday: Rejection #273”

  1. I really didn’t imagine that this rejection ride would be this agonizing. It is the worst roller-coaster in the park. You are brave just to keep riding.

    And as long as you do, there will be a goat sitting next to you every time you drop (guts) and flip (nuts) and dangle (legs and arms). I wouldn’t recommend looking behind you, but if you do you will see an endearing horror show. A couple of loyal but scared shitless cats are puking in the seat behind you.

    “SOOOMEBODYYY BUY THISSS THIIIIIING” screams the orange one–who isn’t even tall enough to ride this ride.


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