Saturday: Can we do dinner instead?

So I’ve been going along with this agent search/book publishing thing like it’s no big deal. I wrote a book, and now I’m trying to get it published.  It’s just what people do.  I was even getting excited thinking about what questions audience members may ask at a book signing.

That was until I read an author’s blog about having a business lunch with her editor and agent.

I don’t eat lunch.

It’s nothing weird really.  It’s just that I’m almost always starving when I wake up, so I eat a lot first thing.  There’s no way I could eat more at noon.

You may say, “Well, Annie, just eat a little less the morning of your business lunch.  It’s just one day.”

But I say, no!  You don’t understand.  I don’t want to eat lunch, because when I do, I’m not hungry enough to eat dinner.  I love dinner.

“Well, Annie, just get a salad and pretend to eat it.”

I could, but I don’t like to mix eating with other things.  It confuses me.  Am I supposed to be eating, or concentrating?  I can’t do both.

The other problem with business lunches is that I don’t like to dress up.  And it’s not just that I don’t like to dress up, but when I do, I don’t look right.  I’m just not comfortable with styled hair or ironed clothes.

In fact, I dislike business attire so much that when I worked at a telecommunications company in NY, I kept three outfits in my desk drawer.  I’d arrive dressed like a bike messenger, pick one of the three ensembles and go change in the bathroom.  It was really the perfect system.  Clothes worn in a climate controlled environment can go years between washings.

Instead of lunch, I could suggest a business dinner at a nacho-serving restaurant.  I’ll put on a pair of jeans, and we can save all talking until we’ve consumed the food.  Perhaps we could even eat at separate tables.


~ by Clickity Clack on April 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “Saturday: Can we do dinner instead?”

  1. Oh um this is not reflecting well on those who raised you. Except the part about loving dinner.
    I say go for a very very late lunch and get those infamous black pants at Free People.
    And push the separate tables together.
    And then discuss where you got the idea for your novel.
    Tape’s running.

  2. You never got those pants 😦
    I don’t do business lunches.

  3. You know what I love most about authors getting their dream agent? They are always a matching pair. So my wish for you is to score an agent who won’t mind meeting with you over diner instead of lunch. 🙂

  4. Haha, I loved this entry!
    When your future agent decides that he or she likes your novel, I bet it won’t matter if you go to a Mexican place for dinner instead of an up scale cafe for lunch. That’s just who you are.
    You might want to wash those old business clothes though…

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