Tuesday: Last week in DRD

I have noticed a kind of pattern to the beginnings of my chapters.  It’s strange, and I’m not sure how it developed, but in the first paragraph of each chapter, I do a kind of recap of what’s happened so far.  Or, I’ll open with a summary of my main character’s current mental state.  Sometimes, I’ll even start with a kind of pre-cap, hinting at what’s going to happen next.

This discovery has led to my new editing plan: Delete first paragraph of every chapter.


~ by Clickity Clack on March 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tuesday: Last week in DRD”

  1. Trying to out-trick your mind? Dangerous… since you are now aware of your tendency, you won’t write that way, and you will delete something great!

    It’s all good…don’t listen to me. I just know that a duel with my sub-conscience would be a losing battle, it knows all my tricks and all my wily counter-plans!

    Best wishes with your novel.


    • Thanks Nelle! I totally agree–it is important to tread lightly with matters involving the subconscious. While writing my first draft, I didn’t delete anything. I think I needed to open my chapters like this for myself–they seem to be a kind of plot map. But, they are repetitive, so now populate the deleted scenes folder.

  2. you know I’ve noticed a lot of my chapters start the same way, too… with my main character waking up. Hmmmm… sounds like your issue is much easier to fix 🙂 I love following your insights into what needs changing in your work. Have you sent your 100 pages out to the agent yet?

    • I think waking up can make for a good chapter opening! I sent in my pages last week, so now I am waiting. Maybe I should have asked how long these things take–I have no idea. I feel a little like I’m in high school, waiting for a guy to call.

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