Tuesday: Edit yourself, novel

Yesterday an agent asked to see my first 100 pages, which I wasn’t expecting.  These are the pages that have been edited and rewritten at least twenty times, so I don’t know why they still need work.  It’s a little embarrassing.

So yesterday I went through them again with my editor.  I ended up deleting a lot of chapter 3 at the last minute, which has me a bit nervous.  I have a fever that won’t quit, and my brain has felt hollowed out for the last couple of days.  There’s a chance that none of the changes I made make sense.

I’ve got 200 more pages to go, but I am getting tired of reading my own writing, over and over again.  It’s starting to feel a little compulsive.  I mean, if I were to wash each dirty dish twenty times, that would be a problem, right?


~ by Clickity Clack on March 22, 2011.

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