Friday: The next phase of my 6th draft

Ok.  I’ve made it through my notes on the 6th draft and added in the scenes and extra details that fit.

Now I’m going to give Olive the weekend off.  She’s overworked.  Knowing her, she’s probably going to have an anxiety attack when she hears that she’s free to do whatever she likes for the next two days. She’s not too good at relaxing.  I’ll probably end up finding her at the lab, researching through the dark hours of the night.

I’ll be spending the weekend finishing up a paper.  On Monday, I’m going to print out my 6th draft and read it as if it were a real book, start to finish.  I may even purchase a glue gun and put to use some of my book binding skills that I learned in 6th grade.

(No, I won’t.)


~ by Clickity Clack on March 11, 2011.

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