Tuesday: Here I come 6th draft

I’ve come up with a workable editing method.

First, I wrote down the main plot events on binder paper.

Next, I went through all of my notes on things that I had wanted to include in the book.  It turns out that not much of the ideas in the older notebooks fit with the story anymore, so that’s good.  Less work.

Then, I wrote these new ideas to be included on the smaller pieces of paper, and clipped them to the outline.

It looks like most of what I’ll be doing in this 6th draft is adding detail and scenes.  For example, a character gets a strange call in chapter 26, but nothing ever comes of it. Olive is creeped out by the color white at the end of the book, but not in the beginning. There’s a minor character named Grace who either needs to be cut or given a personality, because right now she’s kind of pointless (sorry Grace.)

This feels like a good plan for the 6th draft.  I like the idea of the revision process having such a definite structure.  I need to focus on adding, and not deleting, especially as responses from agents start to roll in.


~ by Clickity Clack on March 8, 2011.

7 Responses to “Tuesday: Here I come 6th draft”

  1. Wow! You’re way into this project! SIXTH draft? Excellent! I couldn’t even begin to say what draft I’m on because I keep working on the whole project as I go. Part I has probably gotten at least hat many revisions so far, but Part II has only gotten a quick glance through. Eek. Are you eagerly counting your rejections from agents? I am looking forward to every click mark that gets me closer to 250 (I figure that by then someone HAS to accept my novel Hahahahah). Anyhoo, have you ever come across the program Scrivener? As much as I adore your draft process, as detailed in the accompanying photograph, I have found Scrivener a nice easy way to accomplish the same thing (but with less paper)

    • I LOVE SCRIVENER! But I exported my novel into Neo Office, and now when I try and paste it back into scrivener, the formatting is off, so I think I am stuck? 😦

      250 is a good number! I kind of avoid checking my email now.

      Have you tried Omm writer? It wouldn’t really help with organizing, but I love the sound effects!

      • ah, yes. Scrivener does mess up the format sometimes. It depends on how detailed the format is, however, because the compile feature simplifies everything when you’re ready export… I haven’t tried Omm writer… I’ll have to check it out – I love sound effects 🙂

        That’s terrible that you avoid checking your email!!! Think positive think positive! I need your confidence LOL

  2. This is so interesting you do things by hand. You are oldschool. For me, every draft, note, idea, bit of dialogue, etc goes on an encrypted flash drive that’s backed up to my pc, that’s then backed up to a second hard drive. When I’m out and about, ideas and notes go into my phone to be added to the flash drive later. When I’m at work, I email stuff to myself. So it’s an organized mess, kind of like yours, but all digital.

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds like a good system! It’s so interesting to hear how everyone does it. I back up by emailing things to myself:-/

      I was at a reading a while back, and the author was talking about how she writes all of her novels in notebooks first!! Now that’s crazy.

  3. and you forgot about the cat!

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