Thursday: Pencils, an I Heart Post

I used to only write in pen. I was worried that pencil would fade, making the pages in my notebooks unreadable.

But, the last time I remembering going through old journals was one particularly boring day in the winter of 1992. Now, I switch freely between pen and pencil.

The best thing about pencils is that they require management. These are not the ball-point writing utensils that you use and then simply discard.  No!  A pencil requires special care.

The first thing that happens to a pencil is that it gets dull. I don’t enjoy writing with a dull pencil.  It reminds me of doing long division problems on binder paper.  Dull pencils need sharpening, which provides another pleasant diversion from my writing day.  I may sharpen a pencil 200 times during the course of an hour at my desk.

I choose to sharpen with a panda bear-themed portable sharpener, pictured above.  But, pencil users also have the option of purchasing an electric sharpener.  One could even attach the kind with the lever to a nearby wall.

The  next part of the pencil that requires attention is its eraser.  Some pencils come with first-rate erasers.  Others are barely workable.

Either way, the pencil itself will most likely outlive its accompanying eraser, leaving the pencil user with one of two options: Purchasing a) an external eraser, most traditionally pink or b) an attachable eraser.  As you can see I’ve chosen the latter, however am open to the possibility of using external erasers in the future.


~ by Clickity Clack on March 3, 2011.

12 Responses to “Thursday: Pencils, an I Heart Post”

  1. I frequently go back through my journals! Well. maybe not THAT frequently – but a few instances come to mind – like for a paper on “Healing through Writing” – and again, reading further back, before I started work on my YA novel. then again… the possibility that it might all fade is kind of intriguing. I wonder sometimes how many things I WOULD write if I didn’t think my daughter might one day find my journals… hmmm…

    My journal has two writing utensils clipped inside it – a pen (for things past) and a pencil (for upcoming events). I must shamelessly admit that the pencil is a mechanical one… because if there is one thing I loose more than pencils it’s pencil sharpeners. (oh, and erasers, which is why I’m always prowling the house grumbling when I want to draw… mechanical pencils are DEFINITELY NG for that!)

    I admit that your post has me extremely interested in using a regular pencil more often. Perhaps even installing one of those turn handle sharpeners on my desk (those were always my favorite).

    Ok. Sorry I’ve written SO much here. Can you tell I loved this post?

    • Don’t get me wrong–mechanical pencils definitely have their place! It’s so great that you can draw–I wish that I could–you definitely need a turn handle sharpener!!


    • 🙂 Thanks Annie! I have to ask… who is Doug!? I’m guessing your novel’s MC? I’ll have to share a picture of my grandfather with you… he did fabulous handstands, up until his late 80s even… he tried to teach me, but I was never very good at them lol
      OK off to sharpen more pencils 🙂

      • My novel so needs an MC. Doug is a friend–but I wish he was a literary agent. Any interest, Doug?

        That is amazing-I want to see that picture! Maybe hand stands are the key to long life and health!!

    • Ha–that trick would take more than 9 months to master!

      • haha, it all makes sense now, I apologize – Dough was talking to you , but I thought he was signing the post Annie 🙂 Sorry guys! lol.

        I will definitely have to get you that pic. If you ask my grandpa he would have agreed that handstands are the key to long life and health!!!!

  3. Ah, the external eraser has an advantage in quality, though you have to be able to find it. A “pink pearl” was the eraser of choice. Can you still find them? Artist erasers create too much of a mess. And of course not a mechanical pencil. A number 2, yellow as a standard, but other colors would do as well. And an old special cup or container to hold a second sharpened pencil just in case the lead breaks when you are in the middle of a thought. And the shorter the pencil the better — if you started with it from new. It becomes like an old pair of shoes, better with use, and is evidence of its use.

    And for the sharpener, a hand twisted type with a collector of the shavings that have to be emptied with a sharp embedded razor is much preferred.

  4. those eraser fingers are CREEP-Y!

    edward eraser hands!

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