Monday: My next draft

I’m realizing that organization is going to be the focus of the 6th draft of my novel.  I’m not sure how to go about this.

I’ve got the book broken down into six word files, roughly 50 pages each.  I have outlines and notes taped to walls, notebooks, lamps, other notes. I’ve written a lot of editing thoughts in one notebook.  Then, I have I stack of binders and folders with ideas that I have decided are “old,” but probably deserve a once over before I consider the book complete.

Old notes

Mainly what I’m looking for is loose ends with the plot, inconsistencies with the characters, and unexplored ideas.  Places where I could bring out the setting, include character details, or just make things a little more weird.

What I’ve done in the past is taken notes from all my notes and put them in one place.  I’ve also tried to organize ideas by writing them on construction paper that I then hang up on closet doors.

I feel like this project will require a new method.


~ by Clickity Clack on February 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Monday: My next draft”

  1. So, how do others do it? How did Dickens or Elliot or JK Rowling do it? How do they organize, how do they publish? Is it random or lucky? From what I understand Rowling didn’t find success until middle age. I wish you better.

    I did see something on Dickens. He seemed to outline the book in chapters of major plots. But is it something that is unique to the author? And as far as publishing, is that random or a luck of the draw?

    By the way, any thoughts on the Oscars? Is it most are happy with a simple, sappy story yet those that understand the craft serve a higher calling?

    • Well, I am not so far away from middle age!

      I think some people outline a lot, and then others don’t outline at all. With this book, I outlined as I went, but I think with the next book, I’ll do a lot more outlining before I start writing.

      I think too the secret is not having cats that enjoy sitting on important papers.

      Hollywood seems to be playing it safe with the movies they are making. Nothing is really exceptional anymore. The King’s Speech was fine, but I don’t think there was enough there to make it worthy of an Oscar. I can’t remember the last great movie I saw at the theater. I did enjoy Black Swan, but I don’t think psychological thrillers usually win best picture.

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