Thursday: Why read my book?

After following Border’s demise and looking through Publisher’s Marketplace’s articles on the business side of the book world, I am just starting to understand the other side of writing, especially novel writing.  Even if my book is heavily workshopped to the point of being a literary feat, why would someone outside of the fiction writing world want to read it?

Step one:  A novel is a form of art.  Treat it as such.

Step two: A novel is a product.  Treat it as such.

What, then, does my novel have to offer to the people out there who read fiction–a group with a rapidly diminishing population?

I’m not exactly sure.  I might need to do some market research.  If my book is a product, who is it’s consumer?  As the producer, it seems like I should have an idea.  Businesses don’t just make items that they like with the hope that other people like them enough to purchase them.

Perhaps this is where the genre issue comes into play.  Maybe my book and I can find a home in the science fiction community.


~ by Clickity Clack on February 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Thursday: Why read my book?”

  1. Genre! Genre! Genre!

    Reminding me of the Brady Bunch…

  2. Maybe the key is “product placement?”

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