Tuesday: Hawaii, an I heart post

One of my favorite things about my book is that it takes place in Hawaii.  I initially set it in New York because I wanted it to be in a city where it rains.  But when I lived in New York, the rain came all at once in heavy spells. Intense and fast, like everything else in that city.  Not quite the effect I wanted.

Also, I wanted my character to be alone a lot. No matter how many movies show actors walking down empty streets in New York, tempting the criminals who lurk in trash cans, during my whole two years there, I was always within screaming distance of hundreds of other people.  Sure, you can be lonely in such a city, but it’s a different kind of loneliness, existential at its core.  I wanted my main character to have times where she is actually alone, facing the elements, tropical yet wild.

Hawaii has the Big Island, which is such a unique setting with its volcanos and lava fields. During the last third of my book, my main character travels from Honolulu to this island, so she gets to experience the adventurous jungles along with the touristy beaches.


~ by Clickity Clack on February 15, 2011.

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