Well, Agent day #3 has turned out to be Agent Week #3.  It’s ok.  It’s to be expected.

My biggest problem with writing these days is twofold:

1) I feel like I can’t trust my judgment, and something that seemed brilliant at one point seems really really stupid at other points.  There’s no real pattern with this either.  Take my query letter for example.  It’s not like I wrote it, thought it was great, and then came back to it months later, thinking it was horrible.  That would make sense.

It’s more like I write the query letter, and think it’s OK.  Then I look at it hours later and think I’m going to have agents lined up at my doorstep one morning, waving their resumes in my face, each vying represent me.

Then the next day I wake up, reread it, and get so bored that I turn off my computer mid-letter and go for an angry run.

Then I come back panting, scroll through it again, and think I should surely quit my job and get my bank account ready for the big advance that’s going to come once the publishing houses auction my book.

This delusional thinking would all be fine, though, if I didn’t have this second problem: : :

2) I feel like I can’t trust anyone else when it comes to their thoughts on my writing.

This is a new problem.  I’m not sure where it came from.  Could it be age?  Too many workshops?  I used to be very open to criticism–in fact, I used to have the opposite problem–I’d think everyone’s opinions were more justified than mine when it came to my writing.

But now it’s like I show people my writing just so I can argue with them.  If I do take someone’s suggestion, it’s only after a showdown that challenges our relationship.

“Why, Annie, are you asking me if you don’t want to hear my advice?!”

I don’t know.  I DON’T KNOW!!


~ by Clickity Clack on February 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “Friday: I HATE YOU QUERY LETTER”

  1. This is what you should do:

  2. I just had my query edited by a pro. It opened my eyes. This was the 5th query I wrote, the one I thought was the good one. It was severely lacking! And I didn’t see its shortcomings until she pointed them out.

    It helps to have someone who hasn’t read your book and who is also a professional read and edit your query. She only charges $25 and she did way more than I expected. She’s a fellow WordPress blogger.

    Fresh eyes matter a lot, especially since the agent you’ll be querying will also have fresh eyes.

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