Friday: Humans and their Spines

Our bodies are not designed for writing!  The second most of us sit down, we lose that curve in our lower back that’s naturally there, and also increase the amount of curvature in our upper spine and neck, essentially putting our bodies into a perpetual forward bend.

This, in turn, not only puts more wear and tear on the back side of our spine, but also compresses all of the organs in the front of our bodies, including our lungs. This compression restricts our ability to respire, meaning that our circulatory system has less oxygen to work with.  Ahhhhh!!!!!

This forward hunch also puts our intestines, liver, stomach and other front side parts into a constant squeeze, which in turn affects their ability to function properly.


I think we have caught the human race mid-evolution.  Nothing about our bodies fits our work/lifestyle.  Cat bodies make sense.  Their twisty spines and four legged stance works well with rolling around laundry and climbing up screens.

I am obsessed with spines, so will continue to reflect on this topic.  I think I have some solutions.


~ by Clickity Clack on January 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Friday: Humans and their Spines”

  1. I agree. I am determined to keep my spine healthy. Semi-scoliosis. Mixed with running on cement too many years.

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