Sunday: Lessons from the Palm Springs Film Festival

Most of the films that I have been seeing have had good parts–interesting shots, colors, pacing–but many of them also seem to be missing something.   This last one I saw– Henry of Navarre– felt like it was trying to be an epic of sorts, but the main character (and if you guessed that it’s Henry, you’re spot on) didn’t have a distinct persona.  I’m all for complex characters, inconsistent characters, or weak characters, but this guy didn’t really have any identifiable personality traits, and I found myself waiting for him to die so that the movie would end.

I think I know what happens.  I think maybe if you’re directing a movie (or writing a novel) and you’re starting to get it closer and closer to your original vision, it’s easy to stop short.  You see how good it could be, and because you made parts of it good and that feels like a success, maybe you don’t push that extra little step to get it perfect.  Kind of like how just thinking about eating dark leafy greens can make you feel healthy.


~ by Clickity Clack on January 17, 2011.

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