Saturday: I’m all wrong

After a really unproductive night of eating too many nachos and watching episodes of The Event, a show that I want to like but find ultimately unsatisfying,  I woke up with a kind of guilt hangover.  I usually rope off Friday nights for writing, and if not, I try to do something enjoyable or meaningful in its place.  What was I doing eating sub-par nachos and watching a program I don’t even like!  How will I ever publish my novel before I turn 30!  I could have at least been doing push ups to work on my other birthday goal: a handstand.

But then I realized that I might be missing something.  I’ve got all of these goals, but they’re kind of empty.  I mean, they sound less hollow than if I were to say that I want to make a lot of money and have pretty hair, but I don’t really think they are.  So what if I’m doing a hand stand on my thirtieth birthday with one copy of my book under each palm?  It’s like I am trying to turn myself into some sort of strange machine.

I think the answer lies somewhere within the director David Lynch.  He seems to get things done without forgetting himself.


~ by Clickity Clack on January 15, 2011.

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